Jobs from Waste

 ReUse Works is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and support worker training, job creation, and business development opportunities for low-income residents by using waste and discarded materials. Our activities include:

Job Training

     ReUse Works partners with schools and social service agencies to provide on-the-job training for low income residents in need of work experience and work references.

Sustainable Development

     ReUse Works promotes a sustainable local economy by tapping the waste stream to generate new economic activity. By extending the life of existing products, we save energy and reduce the need to consume virgin raw materials. We also keep local dollars circulating in the community.

Job Creation

     ReUse Works creates new jobs in the local economy by hiring worker trainees into its own operations and by building the capacity of its business partners in the reuse sector.

Environmental Protection

     ReUse Works diverts unwanted materials from the waste stream and encourages reuse over consumption of products made with virgin materials. We reclaim items donated by residents who can receive a federal tax deduction for their donation.

Low Income Empowerment

     ReUse Works provides low-income residents with an opportunity to plan, participate in, and direct a community owned enterprise as worker trainees, employees, and members of the board of directors.