ReUse works is currently in need of the following volunteer help at Appliance Depot:


Position: Appliance Depot Shop Worker


Dress Code:  casual with closed-toe shoes

Education Requirements: none

Licenses/Permits:  none

Times and Days Available: Appliance Depot volunteer hours are available Monday – Saturday, 9:45 AM- 6:15 PM

Occupational Skills:

  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions
  • Ability to cooperate and work with others
  • Ability to occasionally lift 100 pounds
  • Ability to use hand truck to move large appliances
  • Ability to work with household cleaning agents
  • Ability to accurately handle money
  • Ability or interest in using hand tools
  • Ability to work with the public
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to stay organized
  • Ability to work safely

Health and Safety:

  • Potential health hazards or hazardous conditions at the worksite: Use of tools, use of cleaning products, freon extraction, heavy machinery.
  • Safety procedures: Wearing gloves, hearing and eye protection (when necessary),  not breathing dust or toxic fumes, training on proper lifting techniques, education of tool use.

Job Summary:

An Appliance Depot Shop Worker performs tasks in all areas of the shop, as requested by Technicians and the Program Manager. All volunteers will recieve ample training, support, and whatever tools and materials are needed for safety and quality work. Appliance detailing, repair, and recycling, will include use of tools and problem solving. 

Job Activities:

  • Load and unload appliances from trucks and other containers
  • Move appliances throughout the facility as needed
  • Assist customers in loading and unloading appliances
  • Conduct financial transactions with customers
  • Assist repair technician in testing and disassembling appliances
  • Clean appliances
  • Keep written records in accordance with company policy
  • Clean and maintain the work area
  • Follow all safety rules of the company
  • Participate in and contribute to team decision making
  • Other duties as assigned.

Work Force Skills:

  • Identify expectations and standards
  • Encourage creative thinking when remodeling and repairing exhibits
  • Coach decision making, including prioritizing and order of operations
  • Teach problem solving
  • Implement systems for task & time management
  • Demand responsible behavior
  • Explain technology, equipment & tool use
  • Nurture social connections through team building
  • Set clear dress code: professionalism, safety, hygiene
  • Ensure communication: word choice, tone, commitments, time sheets
  • Self-management word choice/behaviors, including seeking additional tasks

For more information, or to apply, send an email to bwarrior@appliancedepotbham.com